Both CSR and sustainable development will vary with place, context, and time frame. The only way for a company to properly define its materiality issues for developing effective CSR sustainability strategies and programmes is through engagement and consultation with its stakeholders - both internal and external.  Engaging your key stakeholders is the best way to get an “outside the box” view on your operations, processes and products.  Doing so will also boost your credentials as a responsible organization or company. It is the interaction between the stakeholders and the organisation that should set the priorities for the company’s CSR and sustainability plans. 

Our process helps you to first identify and prioritise your stakeholders using the Sustainability Compass.  This is followed up with a structured evaluation methodology. We then consult with those stakeholders who you feel are important to listen to. We follow this up with an analysis and report to you evaluating and reviewing stakeholder concerns, issues and priorities. Our process ends with communications back to stakeholders, which can often be seen as the first part of an ongoing dialogue. As a third-party facilitator, we can help you build trust among employees, suppliers, customers, and community members.